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Deer peeking through trees in woods

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Clicking any of these links will take you to another web site. Please kindly review the following resource material on wildlife. News items indicate month and year of publication. To voice a concern, share a photo, article, or suggest a link, e-mail Suzy (hikersuzy @ gmail.com).


While hiking on trails, roads or through woods, fields, you may encounter the American Black Bear. Familiarize yourself with this large omnivore for your own safety and that of the bear's. Have a bear experience to share? e-mail Suzy


Some of the snakes you may see while hiking include the eastern gartersnake, eastern ribbonsnake, northern watersnake, gray ratsnake. All of Ontario's snakes except the Massasauga Rattlesnake are nonvenomous. Quick snake ID tips are here: Snake Identification Factsheet(PDF file, 844 KB). Have a snake question? e-mail Suzy


Please keep an eye out for turtles, especially on the road. Please read: All Ontario Turtles [Are] Now at Risk (May, 2018). Quick turtle ID tips are here: Snakes & Turtles Identification Guide(PDF file, 3.72 MB) and here: Turtle Identification Factsheet. Have a turtle link to share? e-mail Suzy

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