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View of river outlined by trees

River Pit Stop

September is a fine time of the year to explore nature. The weather is still warm, and the trees are just starting to change colour. While on the road, be on the lookout for public places you can stop to relax, and maybe enjoy a picnic. Bring your own lunch! Dispose of waste properly.

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Wildflowers in bloom

Wildlife signs

  1. Clamshells (photo) were found on the riverbank.
  2. Something, shaped like a hawk, dangled on a tree branch over the water. Possibly, it had been a squirrel's nest (photo) that had tumbled down from the top of the tree.

X.X signs of man

Red straw lies on ground

These waste items were found on the ground or grass, near the river:

  1. A red, plastic drinking straw (above photo). Plastic straws are an environmental hazard. Please read: A&W Canada to Eliminate Plastic Straws from All Restaurants. (Note: Starting in January 2019, the fast-food chain will be the first in North America to replace their plastic straws with biodegradable straws.)
  2. A crushed, aluminum beer can.
  3. Brown glass shards from a broken beer bottle.

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