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Fallen tree covered with green moss

Storm Damage Sparkle

Once in a while, you might find a (secluded) nature place where there has been recent storm damage--such as on this hiking trail, following the aftermath remnants of a nor'easter. In this case, it is always considerate to contact the property owner to inform them of any damage, so that they can attend the site to assess and correct the situation.

Have a storm tip? e-mail Suzy (hikersuzy @ gmail.com)

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Wildflowers seen

Wildlife signs

  1. Clamshells (photo) were seen high up on the riverbank. Read about our freshwater musssels.
  2. On the riverbank trail, a very light-coloured owl flew down silently a couple of metres overhead, before turning and disappearing into other woods on higher ground. Its passing shadow announced its presence. Only its tail end was seen, which looked suspiciously to be that of a barn owl's. Having seen a barn owl in Ontario these days would have been extremely rare, but not altogether impossible? That surely is wishful thinking, right? Watch a barn owl in flight.
  3. Deeper into the forest, upon approach on a section of the trail, a loud whine-yelping in a stationary location began and continued throughout this visit, until human and dog departure. No animal was seen. However, for both safety reasons (including--oh no--in case reinforcements were being summoned), and to be of least disturbance to wildlife, it was decided neither to investigate the source of the sound, nor to loiter in the vicinity long. That is to say--it was decided to leave immediately after having taken sufficient minutes to absorb the scenery and snap a few photos, of course!

X.X signs of man

White tube sock lies crumpled on ground behind wall

These waste & trace items were found during the hike:

  1. Trace/Waste: a white tube sock (photo above). This was the most unusual item found. It was lying in the vegetation behind a (lookout) wall.
  2. Waste: a chocolate milk container. Seen on the rocks of the riverbank.
  3. Waste: the brown, plastic lid of a to-go coffee cup. It lay beside the milk container on the rocks of the riverbank.
  4. Trace: a rock firepit ring by the water and a picnic table, and the remnants of a fire.
  5. Trace: graffito. Someone had tagged a hydro pole with red paint.

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