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Falling sun glows orange over marsh

Sunset Drive

Sometimes, when you are driving into a spectacular sunset, you are obligated to stop and appreciate its full glory. This slow September sunset did not fail to amaze.

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Wildlife seen

  1. A mink frog croak-chattered from its hiding place, sounding much bigger than it was. Have you seen a frog? FrogWatch

X.X signs of man

No significant "signs" of man were noticed, but "Man" was helpful and friendly.

  1. Man 1: While I was walking back up the road to take the header photo (top of page), a driver stopped to offer me assistance (in case I had had a transportation breakdown). He then said the scene would make a beautiful photo. The true beauty of the scene could not be adequately reproduced, but an attempt was made!
  2. Man 2: A fisherman stopped to try his luck whilst watching the view. His cast made a plunking sound in the water, and created circular pattern ripples. He nodded, and offered an audible greeting at my departure.

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