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White sun reflection glow on fresh lakeshore ice

Snow Bridge

Occasionally you may find that a favourite trail accessway is closed. In this case, the bridge was under construction. Luckily, the closure only applied to humans, and not wildlife. We enjoyed what we could, and then went on to another trail.

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Wildlife seen

  1. Southbound, migrating Canada geese were out on the open water. Spotting us upon our arrival, a lookout goose close to shore, rose its wings and flapped out a warning to its fellow geese, who retreated further down the lake.

X.X signs of man

'Don't transfer zebra mussels' sign

The two floating docks had been grounded, and an outhouse had been removed. A yellow barricade had been placed in front of the bridge, which had its entrance boarded up, the boards affixed with an "Area Closed" sign from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

  1. Sign: literally, a sign (above photo) reminding boaters to be vigilant against the transfer of zebra mussels. Download Zebra Mussel Fact Sheet(PDF file, 144 KB); Read Two-Decade Study...Rideau River (Oct, 2018).

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