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View of river outlined by trees

Shimmering Lake

Stopping for a hike by a lake is a beautiful thing.

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X.X signs of man

Raft of branches, tied with rope, lies on lakeshore

These trace & waste items were found during the hike:

  1. Trace: a raft (photo above) fashioned with branches and rope. This was the most interesting item found. It was lying on the lakeshore, near a boat launch.
  2. Trace: tire tracks led away from a picnic table with a broken bench (photo). It appeared someone may have backed into the table. The table is near a boat launch.
  3. Waste: an empty container of worms (photo) was found on the grass near the broken bench.
  4. Trace: a tree had been cut down, and its stump (photo) made a "footprint".
  5. Trace: red paint graffito (photo) on a hydro pole.

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