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View across lake after first snow

First Snow

A hike to a marsh after the first October snowfall was refreshing. Rain had begun to fall, and the trail was especially slushy. I could have continued up and down the slippery, rocky, forest hills, but my friend wanted to turn back. Oh well. Maybe next time, I can finish the loop!

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Wildflowers seen

X.X signs of man

Orange paint mark on tree trunk

Human trace was apparent throughout the hike:

  1. Trace: paint (photo above) on trunk, was probably marking the tree for removal. Download: Promoting a Healthy Forest Through Tree Marking(PDF file, 1.41 MB).
  2. Sign: someone had stuck markers (photo) into a deep hole on the trail. We are not sure what created the hole, but water could be seen at the bottom.
  3. Equipment: the presence of this heavy equipment machine (photo) likely signifies destruction of plant material. Here is its cutting disc (photo).
  4. Trace: heart-enclosed intials and various other graffiti designs had been carved into a live tree alongside the trail at the top of a hill. Tree carving on live trees injures their bark and is not recommended. This practice mars the natural beauty of the tree, as well as makes it more difficult for the tree to survive. The damage causes starvation to its roots and makes the tree more susceptible to disease, fungi and insect attack.
  5. Trace: during the visit, cars kept driving down and back up the conservation area trail. Here are some tracks (photo).
  6. Trace: it's always nice to have the trail to yourself; but it's also nice to know if someone is ahead of you on the trail. Persons walking the trail earlier had left their footprints (photo) in the new snow.

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