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Blue sky, white clouds, bare trees

Autumn Leaves

'Twas a perfect afternoon to hike an all-season trail, when the temperature dropped low, while the October sun shone brightly through blue skies. The crunching sound and intoxicating scent of a thick carpet of freshly-fallen autumn leaves, infiltrated the crisp air, while a cool breeze gently blew.

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Wildflowers seen

Wildlife signs

Note: There was no water body on or near this section of the trail.

  1. Something had stripped bark (photo) from a handful and variety of trees. Sure to be the workmanship of a rodent, the likely suspects were North American porcupine and/or eastern grey squirrel. Depending on the tree, bark had been harvested, including high up, from some branches and/or trunks.
  2. High up in a bare deciduous tree, a squirrel's nest (photo), also called a drey, could now be seen.
  3. Black-capped chickadees were heard calling their namesakes in the woods.

X.X signs of man

Gravel on hiking trail

Human trace or noise:

  1. Some remaining gravel on the path (above photo) served as a reminder that the trail had been maintained by humans.
  2. Horse manure had been left on the trail, signifying a mode of transport only accessible to humans.
  3. Numerous scratches (photo) were visible on a partially-buried trail path rock. Might they have been made by a snowmobile?
  4. The persistent sounds of traffic, as well as a barking dog, were reminders that the trail was near roads and farms.

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